CH. Renee’s Catch Ham If You Can
OFA GOOD Thyroid, Heart Clear/Normal
CH. Rosend's Bo Diddley SOM CH. Bridgewood’s B K Kahuna
WP305353/02 OFA68G FN & WH
CH. Telstar’s Good Time CH. arlie
WG282249 FN & WH
Ginger’s Gold’n Glow
WG256143 BRNDL & WH
Von Helm’s Princess Kelly CH. Glennroe Rum Runner
Rivernook's Rascal Lass
Payne’s Romancing the Stone
Date of birth: November 9, 1991
WP384126/01 FN WH MKGS
CH. Kamursart’s Aloha Louie Louie
WP886823 OFA35G BRDL & WH
CH. Kamursart’s Hercules
WF496737 FN & WH
CH. Kamursart’s Fine Fraulein
WF131077 BRDL & WH
CH. Kamursart’s Jovial Jewel
WF764651 FN & WH
CH. Kamursart’s Hercules
WF496737 FN & WH
Wedge Hollow’s Zelda
WE594067 OFA35 FN & WH

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